DigiCity for Kids

Keep kids unplugged and create a safe space for them to learn in, and have fun. Let their imagination run wild as they explore the endeless possibilities of learning

Looks Familiar?


Organisations like the World Health Organisation recommends 1 hour a day, yet children spend an average of 4 hours of problematic content. It is the problematic content that concern us as parents of 5 kids combined. We believe our children should be able to mix online screen time and offline activities. DigiCity for Kids is being designed to address this issue


Memorable Adventures

Imagine if your kids could spend quality time outside of school doing things that are entertaining, challenging and adventurous while learning. DigiCity is all about helping kids to think for themselves and find their passion. We are partnering with educators to weave in key concepts such as problem solving skills into their adventures

Designed for mixed experiences: offline and online interactions

Turning educational content into fun actvities

Gamified adventures to encourage progress

Story-telling, characters and environments for fun adventures

Our Team

It all started with an idea, and now we’re well underway in designing our first prototype. We’ve witnessed the impact of COVID on our kids’ screen time habits; as a result, we’ve designed something different for them for their: outschool time. Stay tunned and if interested in our development, feel free to follow us so you don’t miss what’s coming up soon